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My Treatment - Bipolar Disorder


My article is about the best treatment for bipolar-disorder.

I have a story to tell  -  It is a good story since the conclusion is getting over

Bipolar . I have not heard of bipolar people being healed & getting back to normal. Well, my blog is about bipolar and the treatment that improved and reversed my condition to being healthy.

My name is Alexandra , my friends call me Lexie.  

I like animals especially pets - dogs, cats, budgees, parrots, horses , love to sing and listen to  songs - old or new on the radio and or movie theme songs .

Bipolar patients, I was just like you, not knowing what to do and accepting all the medicines that were prescribed for this condition.

NOTE : My article is of little value unless other people will benefit from the knowledge.

Humans are not able to experience all that is needed to go through life, we usually learn from books and from others who have gone where no one has gone before.

People want info from someone who has been there.   I am here to share data. I am not an expert but I certainly can tell it like it is and can point you in the right direction and not waste time, effort & money.

But read my story.   

When I was in high school, friends thought I was out of these world & my actions were strange but it was short term so it was no big problem.   When I started working I heard about an aunt suffering from depression and getting treatments including electro shock therapy.

Later, I had depression which the doctors later diagnosed as bipolar-disorder or manic depressive, It was described  by my therapist – a mental condition characterized by a combination of highs and lows and irritability.

Once I had bipolar my life was like a roller coaster ride and not knowing when things will go up or down and having no control until I was given lots of medication.

The meds I had to take were lithium carbonate, valproic acid & sodium, seroquel, divalproex, Symbyax and therapy might include electro shock treatment too.


I've read of other people with Bipolar and even famous people -

Catherine Zeta Jones,

Jean Claude van Damme – because of his condition, there were reports of spouse abuse & went through 4 divorces

Linda Hamilton – 2 ruined marriages  & no doubt bipolar moods can break up marriages

Ned Beatty

But I was told that even when days are good, I would still have to be on medication.

Several times I wanted to quit the medicines but they were there to fix me.

But life brings us other problems & it can be overwhelming.

I thought about my life and what has happened :

I felt like I was in a Cage or prison.

like I was in a previous life but I did the wrong things and now I'm paying for my mistakes.

My life was a horror movie but I could not get out.

I can make friends with new people but I lost many friends too.

Most people look forward to birthdays & Christmas time was supposed to be

happy times but it did not happen to me.

Thoughts of suicide.

I became withdrawn from the world and felt lost.   

But one day I read about a therapy that was totally unheard of.

It did not mention any of the medications I was taking .

What kind of treatment is this? It is something new and it works different from all the drugs I was taking.

The medicine supplier is a Canadian Company – they show info that Bipolar – is a condition that is caused by elevated levels of antibodies to gluten & casein. It stated that there are various illnesses where gluten antibodies causes disturbances in the brain and nerves and similar situations were also associated with casein -milk or dairy products  also connected to antibodies to casein.

I was surprised, the doctors never mentioned antibodies . Why is there nothing stated

about antibodies in articles & info regarding Bipolar-disorder?  I've read about bipolar and there is nothing said about a connection to the immune system.

I contacted the company regarding their treatment.

Do they have info about the cure rate (if any?)

The answer – 60% of bipolar folks get total healing.

The Total Healing means free of all signs & symptoms associated with Bipolar disease.

Is it  true – Bipolar-disorder (BP)  is connected to Gluten & Casein Antibodies?

When I found out gluten & casein antibodies is found with BP,  that was enough to convince me to take this therapy.

My therapy started soon after and I followed all  instructions to do this correctly.

After 6 & half months I noticed a change, I was more happy than sad, I could sleep, well not normal but better and because of the encouraging improvements I followed through with this therapy.

After almost a year I was healed.

I had to observe myself for several months to make sure that change was permanent or  if my old symptoms would came back.

YES, I was really well and normal and healthy.   Amazing, this therapy reversed my condition to being well again.

But you do not have to take my word.  However,  if you suffer from manic depression/bipolar & want change in your life, then you should just try it .

There is important Info that I would like to share.

The mechanism that is able to fix the antibodies and lower them to normal is called Oral Tolerance which is achieved by the T Cell.  The company that supplies the therapy,  Lux Health  informed me that Oral Tolerance therapy is able to lower antibodies to several illnesses but has differing rates of healing from one illness to another.

However, this treatment for BP is exceptional because Bipolar therapy

has the highest rate of healing  using this formula– 60% total healing

happens only for bipolar cases, other illnesses are less and for most illnesses the healing rate is less than 50%.

In fact, the info about this treatment was the one that brought me hope because Bipolar can wreck relationships, friendships , it can turn a happy person into a sad sack, it can hinder work and plans and has caused me a lot of hurt & disappointments.

The treatment takes some adjustments like restriction from gluten & dairy, etc.

But I'm glad I did because the reward is a totally changed person      – me!!!

Now, I do not feel that cage or prison anymore. I am free, it's great.

I just stepped out into a new life. New doors are open to me ..

Wow, I can be happy again. !!!

If you are still reading this then read these too:


 Why is Bipolar treatment using T cell Therapy/Oral Tolerance

more successful at 60% than treating other illnesses ?

Answer: There is no explanation - the treatment is just that – it is fact

but the company that prepared this formula found that out when they

treated bipolar & other illnesses.

I recommend this therapy for bipolar disorder.  The healing rate is good and even if you don't get total healing, partial healing is still good because  bipolar treatments today only alleviate the symptoms but are not known to heal & fix the disease.

There is an old song – “You Only Live Twice “– it is a James Bond movie song.

You only live twice …...

One life for yourself and one for your dreams

There are tears in my eyes but they are happy tears.

I can now live my          D r e a m s     :-)

Lexie ( Alexandra)  


There are people who wrote to me.

It is not possible to answer everyone.

There will be some folks who will doubt my story.

When you read my posting, you might be skeptical because people can write about anything and there are truths and there are lies. 

 What if I was telling the truth and it is something really good for you? 

If you decide that the remedy is false or that the treatment is just in the category of 

Snake Oil , that is up to you.

But once I convey the remedy, you should do your own research and especially find out if it is true.

My info leads to a treatment – you should look up that treatment , is it real, is it fraud?

Here is what I found out

Immune Tolerance – is true – find info at wikipedia

Oral Tolerance – true - info supplied by wikipedia & various sources search engines

Dr. Howard Weiner  - true - his research is mostly Oral Tolerance

Dr. Polly Matzinger – true - her work is 2 signals required by T Cell

Bipolar - caused by gluten & casein antibodies – true

Oral Tolerance lowers antibodies – is treatment for autoimmune diseases - true


If that is not enough, then you have homework to do.